Premium Music Promotion Services

Music industry is growing very fast on 21st century. With the rapid growth of industry, a lot of new forms of music platform arise over time. Digital music distribution is totally different than earlier 19th and even 20th century. Previously music is being distributed by format of vinyl, compact disk, or disk format. But, now its totally different. A lot of new platform arise to distribute the music to audience.
Youtube plays a very important role on music sector to distribute and monetization of music. But, for youtube, you need to have video formatted music or lyric based mp4 music and one of major problem that youtube faces that, you need active windows or apps to listen music from youtube. But, most of music lovers love to listen music without any view or active windows. They love to music on the go and audio format.  SoundCloud and Mixcloud are the solution for the artist to publish and distribute the audio music. But the do not have any monetization scope for artist to earn royalty from their music on these platform. So, there was a problem even the distribution of music to mass audience.

Spotify solved the problem of artist royalty and start a new revolution on music industry. Spotify design its platform that solve the problem of earning for artist and ads free facilities for audience. Spotify has its own advertising network to earn from ads and subscription model for both artist and audience. Spotify pays royalties to its artist based on streams they received.

Music Marketing : What and Why?

After the phenomenal growth of music industry on 21st century, the number of artist and music is increased a lot. As because market become more powerful online music distribution and it become easy to reach to audience with the help of platforms. But, it also become more harder to stay on audience mind as new pieced of music and numbers of artist is coming industry everyday. That is why, musicians also need a proper marketing and branding of their music and band or as solo artist.

Music marketing is totally a different type marketing method than traditional marketing . A marketing agency need to touch the sole of audience and try to keep deeper impression of artist and music on mind of audiences.